What We Do

Cynack provides brand-new markup language called “OML” to write 3D information for VR. Everyone can design 3D space only by writing object information in a format based on JSON.
“OML” suggests a new way of presenting media content, accelerating Web 3.0.。
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Our Vision

We have sought the way to remove needless interface in VR content. “If the thing can be done in VR, do in VR.” Our goal is to realize seamless access to VR content without interference such as "application" or so. With our system, you can build your own ideal workspace in VR world! Why don't you join us and create a new-generation computing platform?
Founder & CEO
Kay Yoshimura

About Us

We, Cynack Inc., regard VR technology as web alternative 3D information content but not as existing game content. We develop a new markup language “OML” which enables creation of 3D space, similar to HTML which makes up website. In addition, we will provide our own service as well.


Corporate name Cynack Inc.
Representative Founder & CEO Kay Yoshimura
Establishment November 1st, 2016
Corporate Website URL
Business Field Development of Markup Language
Internet Service Developing and Operation
Location 3-28-3, Denenchofu, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 145-0071, JP

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